Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Passing the wait time....

As we anticipated would happen, the wait has been getting more difficult as we get closer to completing our adoption. We’ve been trying to plan something we enjoy doing together each week so that we have always have something to look forward to during the wait, and to keep us from fixating on when we’ll receive news of our first hearing. This past weekend, we went out for pho, our favorite Vietnamese dish, followed by specialty food shopping (Italian cheeses and chocolate, Kona coffee, and other such indulgences). Then we spent Easter Sunday with Rob’s family, including our adorable nephew, James, who is 10 months old -- about the age Ryan will be when we bring him home. Rob wore James out playing, then he -- James, that is :-) -- fell asleep on my lap.

I can’t wait to be able to hold Ryan like this!

This coming weekend we’ll be traveling to visit Ryan’s other future cousins, our two little nephews on my side of the family (age 1 ½ and 3). Our 3-year-old nephew, Elliot, knows Ryan from his picture, and will point to it and say, “That’s my cousin Ryan; they're going to go get him soon” (repeating what my sister has told him). He also talks about how Uncle Rob is going to take him and Ryan fishing.

Our next project, which we're planning to begin by the end of April, is Ryan’s nursery and bathroom (our former guest bedroom and bath). The room is a nice size, and we have already done the prep work (i.e., clearing it out), and Rob’s parents have bought Ryan a crib. This is what we’re starting with:

We don’t have any kind of “theme” in mind –- other than making it very boy-ish to counteract any residual effects from the pink sheets Ryan has been sleeping on in foster care :-) We’ll post updated photos as we make progress.


At 9:16 PM, Blogger Amy, Ryan, Aidan & Lauren said...

His room will be great. I know how hard it is to wait...try and enjoy your time as much as possible because you will be in Taiwan before you know it! Hope you get news really soon.


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