Friday, October 06, 2006

Our agency said the local USCIS office was fast.

Boy, they weren't kidding.

Our I-600A form was mailed last Saturday.

Yesterday we received the certified mail green card to show our I-600A was received by the Feds. We also received notification that we are to be week! For those who don't know, some folks have to wait quite a few weeks before they even receive notice of their appointment. The actual fingerprinting often occurs a few weeks after that. So, the folks in the goverment are processing this thing as fast as possible so far.

With our first of four homestudy appointments this coming Monday evening, we are closing the gap on getting our I-171H form and being placed on our agency's waiting list for a referral.

Now, at a time like this I probably should not take a crack at our government, however I can't resist. The fingerprints that we have to have done to get our I-171H are good for 15 months. After 15 months they don't just run them again. They make you do them again. Incidentally, they also make you pay the fee to be printed again. I guess that is a wise policy just in case my fingers get an acid wash in the interim and my fingerprints change.

In other news, I am pleased to announce the State Police has confirmed that I have no criminal history. I tell ya, it was amazing how fast I could run when I was in college. Still waiting for Karin's.....wonder what is taking them so long with her.


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