Saturday, May 16, 2009

April Visit with Family

Finally getting around to posting our pictures from the past few weeks....

The last weekend of April, we visited my sister's family, including Ryan's 3- and 5-year-old cousins, then Grandma and Grandpa joined us for a day. It was an unseasonable 80 degrees that weekend, so we took the boys to a few playgrounds and, of course, out for ice cream.

Ryan and Elliot hanging out:

Ryan and Dylan at the playground:

I like how Ryan appears to have a halo in this one. (On his good days, I might believe it :-)

Ryan was hesitant to go down any more slides for the rest of the day after the very stressful experience of finding a firefly, which he thought was a bumblebee ("bummy bee"), on this one:

He finally went down this one, at the next playground we went to, after a thorough inspection revealed no bummy bees.

Dylan seemed very pleased with himself when he managed to gain control of Ryan's Thomas snack container.

Ryan pretending to suck his thumb, which he does as a joke to get a rise out of us. He cracks up when we pretend to object to it.

Sweaty and exhausted after playing outside all afternoon:

Ryan insisted that Dylan acknowledge his current boo-boo, a minor scrape on his elbow that he claims happened on the "peegom" (playground) at daycare.

Watching "Cars," a favorite of Elliot and Dylan's, which they introduced Ryan to during our family vacation last summer.

When Grandma and Grandpa arrived the next day, Ryan rushed right over to show off his boo-boo as soon as they walked in the door:

Ryan and Dylan playing with the Tupperware:

The three cousins (Ryan loves to pose when other people are in the picture with him):

Ryan checking out the flavors at Coldstone. I had to assure him that they would make cookies-and-cream for him.

The boys at the Coldstone playground:

Watch out, Ryan's at the wheel!

Ryan with Grandma and Grandpa (and a belly full of ice cream):

Elliot, who started playing T-ball this year, showing me his team hat.

He also enjoys performing on the piano.

Ryan had fun playing with Elliot and Dylan's trains (of course) and parking garage.

Grandpa reading to Ryan and Dylan:

The "kids' table":

Ryan is very into "hiding" lately:


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