Sunday, January 11, 2009

Christmas pictures, part 1

Ryan had fun decorating the tree with his toy cars.

Showing off his Christmas train shirt:

Our attempt at a Santa picture this year was a disaster. A cookie didn't help, nor did having me sit on Santa's lap.

Despite how traumatic the experience appears to have been, to this day, every time we drive past our neighborhood clubhouse (which is where we saw Santa), Ryan points and exclaims "Santa!" (pronounced "Datta"), and when we ask him if he had fun sitting on Santa's lap, he says "YEAH!!!"

Ryan's favorite part of the Christmas season was riding the train at the mall. He was afraid at first, so I rode with him the first time (fortunately, there are no pictures of that). He then wanted to ride the train ALL afternoon, and had a big tantrum when it was time to get off after several expensive rides.


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