Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Random cute pictures

Ryan sharing his milk with his wooden pull-along frog:

Rubbermaid totes are a popular hangout around here lately.

"Alba" the giant cat with his tiny new friend -- an adorable stray kitten who has been hanging out on our deck:

Ryan is only allowed to have his pacifier for sleeping, but sometimes he finds one laying around in the living room and puts it in his mouth while he's playing. When I tell him that we need to put the pacifier away until it's time for night-night, he shakes his head and says "no," then climbs onto the nearest chair and lays down like this (pretending he's sleeping):

Other than "no," Ryan's current favorite word is "beep-beep!"


At 10:06 AM, Blogger Beth said...

More clothes that Brady and Ryan have in common!!!Those pictures of your cat and the stray are super cute and I like that both Ryan and Alba like the containers! Too funny about him pretending to sleep so he can use his pacifier.


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