Sunday, March 29, 2009

Random Pictures

Long time, no post.... Ryan will be 2 1/2 on April 1. He continues to amaze us every day. He has a great vocabulary, speaks in complete sentences, and can identify the numbers 1 through 7 (thanks to the numbered engines on Thomas & Friends). He also loves talking on the phone. He is now fully potty-trained, and even wakes up on his own when he has to go during the night. He also frequently asserts his independence, which has led to a recent increase in tantrums :-)

The Thomas dance is still going strong. (Ryan doesn't know this yet, but we're taking him to see "Thomas & Friends Live on Stage" in May!)

Ryan really enjoyed our visit from Grandma and Grandpa last month. Here he is hanging out with Grandpa (who built him the train table in the second picture):

One day Ryan dragged his stepstool out of the powder room and made himself a front-row seat in front of his hockey video:

He also likes to pretend things lately, such as pretending he's a baby (crawling and wanting to be rocked), pretending to suck his thumb (when he's always been a pacifier user), and in this picture, crawling under the blanket on the couch and pretending it's bedtime. He usually laughs when he's pretending something, but he managed to keep a straight face here.

Ryan likes to play with the big Lego bus at Grandma and Grandpa's. (My 5-year-old nephew refers to the toys my parents keep at their house for the kids as "Grandma and Grandpa's toys.")

An attempted family photo. We gave up after 10-15 shots; you can imagine what the rest were like if this was one of the better ones :-)

Most of the time these days, Ryan looks so big and tall and grown-up, so I like this picture from last month, where he still looks a little baby-like:

We've been receiving lots of questions about the status of our second adoption process. For various reasons, we have decided to put things on hold for now. However we ultimately decide to proceed, we are so thrilled to have Ryan that we couldn't possibly feel incomplete.